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Termite Pest Control Mandurah

Termites enter 1 in 4 homes in Australia. A quarter of the homes in your street will get termite intrusions if not protected. Insurance companies will not cover you for the damage these destructive pests can inflict. Insurance companies believe that proper preventative measures will mitigate the risk.

It is imperative you protect your greatest asset, a “5 Yearly Termite Barrier” offers the cheapest insurance you will ever buy to protect your home.

Termite Warranty Western Australia

That is not the end of the story. According to the Australian Standards (Termite inspections for new and existing homes to AS3660)

Inspections should be conducted at least annually and, often, more frequently, depending on:

● termite species involved or suspected;
● building construction type(s);
● the presence or absence of ‘conducive conditions’ (physical and/orenvironmental conditions which may favour termite activity and attack);
● geographical region; and/or history of termite related issues within or around the particular property.

Termite Warranty in Western Australia

So, if my home is protected why do I need annual inspections? Simple: Bridging and Breaching.

Protective termiticide-treated zones are breached when one or more objects form ‘bridges’ between buildings and any ground outside treated zones. Common examples of how breaching can be caused or can occur include:
● building extensions;
● add-ons such as carports and garden sheds;
● raised garden beds set against buildings;
● concrete paths installed against buildings;
● fences attached to or secured against buildings;
● large trees which have grown sufficiently to touch buildings; and even  materials (think firewood) stored or stacked against building walls. Termiticide treated zones can also be breached when and if they are disturbed or broken to allow a free passage for termite entry. Such disturbances can be caused by the installation of underground cables, repairs to external plumbing, and incursion of tree roots.

It is important that we make you fully aware of:

  • the potential for termite treatments to be bridged and breached;
  • how you can and should best avoid and prevent breaches occurring; and
  • You need to urgently contact us for advice for possible remedial action if the treated zones are in any way disturbed or otherwise compromised.

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